Nurfaiz Foat

Hello there. People call me Faiz. I'm a Kuala Lumpur based UI/UX Designer, entreprenuer and Front-end Developer wannabe. Currently I'm with as a UI/UX Creative Executive.


Apart from being a conventional graphic designer forever. I'm now in a midst of morphing myself into a multi-discplinary designer that can code and design concurrently. That's why, I design digital things at by day and then by night, I enrolled my self to wonderful online classes in Treehouse.

I have interest in all things that related to technologies and human history. I do sometimes write about design trends, techy stuff, architecture and app review on my web magazine project - Rekareka. It has a readership of over 25,000 for the first 10 months since its inception on late 2013.


in Puchong with love and curiousity. Fork this template.