Always learning

Before I had a 9-to-5 permanent job, like many others in our generation, I went looking for my calling. While I was still in college reading civil engineering back in 2010, for two years I immersed myself in online commerce. If you were into analog photography during that period in Malaysia, you've surely heard of Kamera-lah!.

Buoyed by this experience I then turned my attention to freelancing, and designed infographics, posters, promo videos and several viral social media campaigns. During the 13th Malaysia General Election, I designed most of the infographics and propaganda posters you've seen and shared on social media.

The skills I gained from these ventures and the UX theories I picked up on the way came in handy when I joined in 2014. Their mobile app was ranked in the top 5 most popular shopping apps on Google Play, just below Lazada and Zalora.

In 2015 I co-founded Producky as my side-project. It is a community to discover and engage with the best Southeast Asian internet startups. At its peak, it had over 100k organic views and around 200 registered users. You can read more about Producky dreams at VulcanPost and

Later on, I joined Supahands as their 5th employee and helped the company build its product until Supahands raised their Series A. My two years stint with them solidify my know-how in Digital Product Design. Since Supahands encouraged its employee to experiment with the best method in delivering objectives, I have managed to put many lessons learned from my reading of best design practices to good use during this time. I ended my time with Supahands with the position title of Lead Product Designer.

April 2017, I joined Maxis as one of their Lead UI/UX Designer. Maxis is one of the leading telco company in Malaysia. My main task was to help Maxis develop an all-digital MVNO called Ookyo. I have the opportunity to chart and design most of its UI/Xs. I was placed in an internal incubator team consisted of 5 experts including my self. We launched Ookyo later in September that year. I left Maxis after my contract ended in 2018.

Recently, my latest side-gig is in IoT Tracker, under the label of NEOMON. Meanwhile, I’ve also been mentoring budding design talents at the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) on the subject of Digital Product Design.